Student Health Insurance
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When it comes to thinking about student health insurance it may seem obvious: you probably already know that student health insurance is important. You know it’s important because chances are that either you or someone you know has been injured or become seriously ill and spent some time in the hospital. Unfortunately, students have a reputation for taking their good health for granted and not making health insurance a priority. But while students may feel indestructible the truth is they are often hurt and can fall sick requiring medical care and treatment. Here are some facts to consider: Students between the ages of 19-29 are more likely to be uninsured than most other groups. Students are more likely to visit the emergency room than many other age groups. An uninsured stay in the hospital or visit to the emergency room can cost you thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars. Student health insurance protects your finances as well as your health by limiting your liability for medical costs. Having at least a basic level of student health insurance can mean the difference between starting your adult life on the right foot or starting out bankrupt. Now that you know the facts take a few moments to research student health insurance plans available in your area.