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If you do not have dental insurance through an employer you can purchase individual or family dental insurance plans on a long-term or temporary basis. There are a wide variety of plans to choose from so it is important that you understand different coverage options. Discount dental plans require you to use a dentist within a limited network, so although they have benefits such as no waiting periods and immediate coverage, due to their limitations we do not feature them on the Nationwide Health Network site. An example of a discount dental plan is the company Delta Dental, which happens to be a large provider of this type of plan. The dental insurance plans featured on mainstream plans that offer wide coverage through a large group of participating dentists that own their own practices. If you have ever had dental coverage for you as an individual or for your family through and employer this is the type of dental insurance you are accustomed to.

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Traditional Dental Insurance (PPO, DMO, PPO and Indemnity Dental)

DMOs also known as Dental Maintenance Organizations take their lead and structure from the HMO or Health maintenance Organization. In general they provide a lower cost dental benefits plan that gives you cost effective car through a primary network of dentists. There are typically co-payments due at the time of service but there is no plan deductible. There are also no annual maximums, but you must stay within the primary network or you may be charged extra. A dental PPO or Preferred Provider Organization allows you to visit any licensed dentist to receive benefits (not just dentists within a primary network). However, you will enjoy lower costs if you choose a dentists that participates within the PPO network. You pay a percentage of co-insurance at the time of visit and there is a deductible for services not covered at 100%. There are yearly limits on coverage and you are responsible for procedures not covered by the plan. Finally, there is dental indemnity insurance. Dental indemnity insurance gives you the freedom to visit any dentist anywhere in the country. However, there are generally higher deductibles and coinsurance payments required. Think of dental indemnity insurance as a protection against unexpected dental emergencies rather than coverage that will pay for typical visits and cleaning.


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Now that you know more about dental insurance enter your zip code to find plans that meet your needs. You can compare the coverage by asking questions and save money by selecting the plan that is just right for you as an individual or your family as a whole. Thanks for visiting the Dental Insurance section of the Nationwide Health insurance Network site!