Individual and Family Health Insurance
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Individual and family health insurance is coverage you purchase on your own, directly from an insurance company or insurance agent* (versus group insurance, which you typically receive through your employer). With individual and family health insurance, you are not guaranteed coverage, which is unlike an employer’s plan. Based on your current and past health, it’s possible to be declined, or offered coverage at a higher premium. Quality individual and family health insurance lets you visit any doctor or hospital you choose, without a referral. Note, however, that you’ll pay less out of your own pocket if you see doctors and hospitals in the insurer’s participating network. Quality individual health insurance will usually cover your prescriptions, after a deductible (the amount you pay before your insurance begins paying benefits). Quality individual health insurance may allow you to add a dependent spouse and/or dependent children up to age 26 to your policy. A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is a tax-advantaged account that helps cover your current and future medical expenses. It is designed to be combined with a High-Deductible Health Insurance Plan.